Alta Idea Design Studio

We strive to find a balance between tradition, modern dynamics and restrained minimalism in order to create the perfect space for a free but elegant lifestyle.


Interior design

The interior design of residential and commercial spaces. Our portfolio includes projects of houses and apartments, hotels, lobbies, restaurants and offices, sports and spa areas.


Calculation of the full cost of interiors complete set. We take all costs into account in our design estimates. This allows us to see a clear realistic framework for each project.

Construction supervision

More than 10 years of cooperation with contractors (builders, manufacturers and suppliers of furniture, decor and textiles) help us quickly and efficiently implement your project.

Apartment Interior design in Kiev

Musician's apartment_

Color isn't something to be afraid of. Bright colors fill our lives with emotions. Rich blue and noble maroon colors have become the leitmotifs of this project. If you live in the same environment all the time, you will get stuck and bored. Therefore, we try to avoid stagnation, and if there is a possibility of freedom of choice, we always use unusual shades.


Affect. Photo shooting


Photo and video shooting of the new apartment interior implemented in Kiev. Shooting is always a special holiday for us.

VILLA N. Fall 2020


This is a project that we have been living on for years, and it’s worth every day of our work and every detail.

Villa N under construction cover

New business center. Construction


Our studio is currently developing an interior design project for several floors of the office spaces in Kyiv.

Дизайн интерьера Киев

About us

Alta Idea Design Studio (Interior Design Studio Kyiv) was founded in 2008 by Julia Baydyk. The main vector of services is an interior design of private and public premises: houses, apartments, restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices, lobbies, business centers, sports clubs, Spa centers, etc. We love experimenting with different styles and spaces. # Interior Design Kyiv

Working on each project is a very close and friendly psycho-adaptive process of communication with the client. We are very fond of our customers: we plunge our heads into their world and only after this immersion draw the interior design that resonates with their dreams of a beautiful and comfortable life. This is cooler than any good movie because for at least six months we communicate with a person, see how they are transformed, how their views on life and art change – this is an exciting design story! We even had the idea to shoot a film about the views of people who come to us and conduct a series of interviews after the renovation, in order to trace this chain of human character development and its reflection in the interior design.

This is very interesting and sometimes even funny, but there is always a happy ending).

We stay together with customers until we hang the curtains, even if the project was completed a long time ago and we arrange the decor in a year or even two. Therefore, our projects are 100% complete, so word of mouth works, and our Studio is successful. # Design Studio Kyiv

We enjoy the rhythm and bright colors! No to pure austerity, no to empty walls where people stay in quarantine and don't know what to do with themselves. We sometimes like such interiors, but we prefer to work with rich decor and color. We are looking for something interesting: a challenge. We are impressed by designers and artists who are able to combine shades and elements incongruous at first glance. Our design team strives for this as well. Life should be lived beautifully, brightly, and lion-hearted! This philosophy is also reflected in our design projects. As for architecture, we really like strict forms: nothing superfluous and no frills. Concise architecture is exactly what's missing our city and Ukraine in general. # Apartment Design Kyiv

But regarding the interior part, we have a different approach. There was a time when everything contemporary was very popular. Then came the theme of returning to the classics, but with very bright and eccentric coloring. Then everyone filled up - and it was all gone in the modern austerity. People lived ascetically, but after a while, they want something interesting and unusual again. We call this style - modern luxury. We don't even know how else it should be called so that everyone can understand its meaning. This is neither a classic nor a modern style, but something between them + creative expression. This is a modern, concise, and elegant luxury. We do love working in this style, but we do not hold ourselves to strict limits and experiment in every possible way. # Design Studio Kyiv

Our clients are successful, funny, friendly, positive people who enjoy life and wish to live beautifully: they are open to something new, they are open-minded and successful at the same time. And it's a pleasure to work together with them. # Design Kyiv

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