New business center. Construction


New business center in Kyiv is under construction. Our studio is currently developing an interior design project for several floors of the office spaces. Our task is to arrange a floor for the Company’s Management. We really want to make it uncommon, unlike all other workspaces.

That’s why we’ve chosen an unusual style for business centers to turn the office into a place that you want to strive for early in the morning) Construction work is in full swing, but in the meantime, we are sharing a small photo report of the process with you.

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Head office

A breathtaking view of the Kyiv city landscape opens from this new business center.

Проект дизайна интерьера бизнес-центра в Киеве

Corridor on the 17th floor

Glass partitions are installed throughout the space to zone the premises conveniently.

Проект дизайна интерьера бизнес-центра в Киеве
Проект дизайна интерьера бизнес-центра в Киеве

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Affect. Photo shooting

Photo and video shooting of the new apartment interior implemented in Kiev. Shooting is always a special holiday for us.


VILLA N. Fall 2020

This is a project that we have been living on for years, and it’s worth every day of our work and every detail.


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