Concise and expressive VILLA N is in the process of building. The house is located in the cottage town of Riviera Zoloche with excellent infrastructure for a comfortable life – a Paradise away from the city bustle. We wanted to strengthen the connection between the house and the surrounding landscape, so we opted for large-scale glazing and panoramic windows – here you can enjoy an incredible view of the Dnipro river, the forest and amazing sunsets.

The zoning is designed with the environment in mind: auxiliary rooms are located at the back of the house, while the living room, bedrooms and fireplace room are at its front area. The windows of the house, look like parts of a triptych, offer stunning views of the river. We have found the best solution for waterproofing joints for windows together with official partners Reynaers aluminum – KRAFT.  The building is in progress.

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Villa N

Each stage in the process of creating a new house is beautiful in its own way.

Riviera Zoloche cottage town

Here you can enjoy an incredible view of the Dnipro river, the forest and amazing sunsets.

Строительство частного дома VILLA N в Киеве

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Affect. Photo shooting

Photo and video shooting of the new apartment interior implemented in Kiev. Shooting is always a special holiday for us.


VILLA N. Fall 2020

This is a project that we have been living on for years, and it’s worth every day of our work and every detail.


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