VILLA N. Fall 2020


Home — everyone puts their own meaning into this term. An apartment or dorm room could also be called a home. The home is a place where you feel especially comfortable.
It’s great when the customer has the taste and passion to create. Someone invests forces and money in its home, but our clients and we put our hearts and souls.

We live within the walls that get their own face and character thanks to the customer. This is a project that we have been living on for years, and it’s worth every day of our work and every detail. Look how it transforms, how it “grows”. The seasons change, but what remains is our desire to create something special.

interior visualization

Villa N

A house that is built not for а sake of investing money, but for the soul.

Riviera Zoloche in Kyiv (Ukraine)

A small cottage village surrounded by trees and flowers: calm rhythm of life, two-story modern houses, shorn lawns, beautiful gardens and the sound of the river.

More news

Affect. Photo shooting

Photo and video shooting of the new apartment interior implemented in Kiev. Shooting is always a special holiday for us.


New business center. Construction

Our studio is currently developing an interior design project for several floors of the office spaces in Kyiv.


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