We were very lucky with our customers. We created this project together with an unusual young and friendly family. The main inspiration and source of energy for the renovation was a very interesting and effective woman who works in a theatre. From the first meeting, it became clear how much she cares about the comfort and happiness of her beloved family, and we were happy to help them make their dreams come true.

This apartment has a very favorable location – the last floor with a balcony. It offers gorgeous views of lakes, houses, clouds, and incredible sunsets. We tried to think over the layout in such a way as to maximize the panorama of this beautiful view and create a lounge area where it would be pleasant to contemplate the peaceful landscape. This should be the leisure area for relaxing, filling with the morning sun and enjoying a cup of fragrant coffee, and at the end of the day gazing the sunset and watching the smooth flickering of the lights and bustle of the city.

We really like the idea of an open joint kitchen, living room, and dining area. We are not adherents of the scenario when the hostess prepares food for everyone in the kitchen alone, while her husband and children rest separately somewhere in another room. By removing all unnecessary walls, we have changed the way of interaction between all the family members. By opening the space for communication, we open a new chapter of the family and fill it with new rituals.

The island kitchen is perfect for a quick light breakfast or snack. At least, we conceived it for this, but our customers have already loved this place so much now that they use it constantly. The dining and living room area, where everyone can sit around one large table, under the stylish Italian chandelier Vistosi spreading its arms wide, is used only when friends or relatives gather to have dinner.
Stylist: Natasha Yegorovа
Partners: TASHA ORO, Elena Savelyeva, Sophie Decor, Old Store, DEVO home