For some reason, interiors in dark colors appear much less often than in light ones. And, by the way, that's a big mistake. Psychologists have proven that shades of black have a positive effect on the psyche, and it is much easier to relax and have rest in this interior. For those who have no prejudices on the matter, the most enveloping and unique interiors are created. In fact, working with such a palette is not easy; the designer goes on a fine line, where all the colors can be recklessly smudged.

But in this object, the result surprised and pleased our Customer. It turned out just as he had dreamed for many years. We mixed: graphite, crow's wing, grey, mousy, wet asphalt and added a noble blue. And a natural wood, brickwork, and the view outside the window on a dark background look like separate details that complement the interior. Such spaces are always breathtakingly deep and thoughtful. It is worth trying once to fall in love with the noble black forever.