Often, people spend more time at their workplace than at home. Therefore, the mood here should be, if not homely, then as pleasant and functional as possible. The interior of this lawyers' office boasts a non-trivial approach to the design of the space and original ideas. We used diagonal lines of lights that intersect on the ceiling and descend on the walls in the corridor. Our Customers were morally unprepared for this type of lighting, but when they decided to take this bold step, they never regretted it.  

All visitors are delighted with this waiting area and admire the graphic lines created by us while specialists process their documents. The Chief Executive's office is decorated with an original drawing of enveloping streams of smoke, while a picture with an abstraction will also not go unnoticed in another room. Spot decor and everything needed for comfort: the office, first of all, is created for work. And just a little bit, for relaxation.