The reception desk and wall covering are made of Laminam boards. We have chosen a pleasant looking and calm travertine shade. In the working area of the office, two zones are made in the form of a cube realized in American walnut: the waiting area for guests looks like a box covered with wood from the inside, including the ceiling; a wardrobe for staff and a bathroom for visitors are combined into another block, which acts as a wooden cube.

Plaster under the fabric brings a slightly perceptible atmosphere of chic to the office and makes the atmosphere even softer in every sense. Plus, all furniture is upholstered in brown nubuck and beige velour - every detail conveys a feeling of coziness and comfort!

The correct combination of textures and materials gave the room the accuracy and graphics necessary in business, in addition to some visual play of half-tones flowing into each other (which is very important for a space where it is necessary to work with papers or computers for a long time and with concentration). The design of the office looks very modern: in two to three years, this interior will still look impressive. The natural materials used in the project by the team of the ALTA IDEA studio contribute to the fact that visitors will “read” the cozy homely concept of the company and trust it more.

Managers' workplaces are located in the niches between the columns: each employee has his own secluded work space. Opposite the area with columns is the office direction in the form of a niche.

It turned out that, optionally, everyone is in the same zone but, thanks to the "architecture" of the interior, there are secluded workplaces.

In general, the interior of the sales office consists of two rooms combined into one, so we managed to find a place for a meeting room, a dressing room with a utility block, a kitchen and two bathrooms. One bathroom, for employees, is accessible through the utility block and the wardrobe (which is very convenient, since at the beginning and at the end of the working day, everyone often needs to change clothes and visit the restroom).

The second bathroom, for clients, is organized in a "cube", which is adjacent to the waiting area, "circled" by American walnut panels. The door to the bathroom for the company's clients is hidden. Therefore, everything looks solid, stylish and harmonious.

Since the offices are double-sided and with large windows (they overlook both the courtyard and the main street), our specialists suggested that they additionally were insulated with floor convectors and underfloor heating so that employees and visitors would feel comfortable while choosing a new apartment.

In my opinion, the interior of the sales department turned out to be cozy and even a little homely. The office is filled with light, pleasant colors and has a positive atmosphere.