For the most part, offices of large companies are going to be located here. That is why the developer asked us to create an interior that would attract potential tenants. We offered an austere yet sophisticated and atmospheric space with a slight touch of mystery. I wanted to create an environment with a pacifying vibe that would encourage negotiations.

The main challenge of this project was to offset the lack of daylight that only reaches the front area of the lobby. We decided to turn this fact to our advantage by creating a lobby with a relaxing, low-key atmosphere.

The whole space is deliberately made to look intimate and slightly theatrical. To achieve this effect we used mesh, indirect ceiling light, and dark finishing materials.

Those who don’t like glaring intense light will certainly enjoy our solution. So will everybody who likes all things extraodinary.

The elevator area is decorated with onyx tiles, which makes it look respectable and exude success and prosperity. The server area is hidden behind a slat screen. The floor is clad with large porcelain stoneware tiles that are both practical and eye-catching.

Chains hanging from the ceiling are our favorite decorative element, which we had already used when we designed the first stage of the lobby. Chains act as a linking element between the premises and add a pinch of playfulness. A lot of visitors will certainly want to touch them. It is a strong and versatile image that immediately captures your attention once you enter the lobby.