As most of the workspaces of large companies would be located here, the developer asked to create an interior that would attract potential tenants. We offered a strict, original, slightly mystical in terms of the effects produced and enveloping space. I wanted to create a pacifying and negotiating atmosphere.

Working on this project, the main difficulty was to compensate for the lack of light, which falls only in the front part of the floor. In order to extract some advantages from this, we decided to “play” with the atmosphere.

We deliberately worked through all the phases so that the space looked slightly theatrical. For this we used grids and frame lighting. Those who do not like bright, challenging and hyperactive light, as well as those who like everything special, will surely appreciate this solution. The elevator area is decorated with onyx tiles which looks very solid, demonstrating success and prosperity.

The server area is framed with slats. On the floor there are porcelain stoneware tiles, practical and effective. We used chains as a decorative element. A strong and multifaceted image that you immediately pay attention to.