We’ve got a task to arrange a floor for the Company’s Management. We really wished to make it uncommon, unlike all other workspaces. That’s why we’ve chosen an unusual style for business centers to turn the office into a place that you want to strive for early in the morning :)

Bronze mirrors and several types of lighting were used in the reception interior to add a sense of intimacy and create a special inviting wow effect for those who enter the common area of the elevator halls and the reception. In other words, we’d like to do a little “show off”, but at the same time remain extremely rational. 

Glass partitions are installed throughout the space to zone the premises conveniently; provide sound insulation and privacy of offices, but not to block up natural light and a sense of unity and openness. 

A breathtaking view of the Kyiv city landscape opens from this new business center. A peaceful landscape is one of the main assets of this project: it makes out busy working days smoother and helps one tune into a calm productive wave. 

The Head’s office is divided into two functional areas: a work area and a meeting room. There is also a private kitchen and a shower. 

Our team and the customer like interior design in the spirit of simple but elegant contemporary luxury. Therefore, we took the principles of a modern open space office as a basis and added a bit of pomp and gloss. It turned out great! Construction work is in full swing, but in the meantime, we are sharing the latest 3D visualizations with you :)

photo review of the construction site