Most of the modern offices provide clear requirements for space planning: reception, work rooms, and meeting rooms. Depending on the company's business line, the requirements may change, but the customer focus, functionality, and focus on the level remain unchanged. This office was projected for a law firm, and each room was designed for future use. Natural materials in the lawyer's office create a comfortable atmosphere both for work and for business meetings with colleagues and clients.  Two meeting rooms allow to conduct negotiations on different levels, creating the necessary mood. Classic wall decoration with paintings and the office itself with expensive leather furniture is more suitable for solid and respectable clients.

Young and creative clients are much better at communicating in the meeting room, which is decorated in a modern style with orange art on the walls. A designer should always be a bit of a psychologist and be able to put him/herself in different situations in order to create a comfortable space for different ranks of clients.

A small strict reception room accommodates everything necessary for the convenience of the secretary and visitors. There are no unnecessary details in the office, but expensive leather furniture, decor, and details emphasize the status. An office that is self-sufficient in its interior is always comfortable for both employees and visitors.