Blue color finds us deep emotional. It is associated with building a solid foundation. Traditionally perceived by our psyche as a calming color, it brings a sense of peace and tranquility, offering a kind of shelter. By helping us focus and providing clarity, the endless blue that reminds us of the endless, boundless evening sky makes us look at things beyond the simple and obvious, motivating us to think more broadly, encouraging deeper reflection, expanding our perspectives, and opening up new streams of communication.

It looks most exquisitely in a composition with graphite, white and natural wood. Orange accents emphasize its freshness, and the use of natural materials in the interior complement the picture. Today, more and more living room interiors appear exactly in these colors, while other rooms can be decorated in completely different colors. For the bedroom, you can choose a calmer rose range, and the rebellious blue can be endorsed in the design of the guest bathroom with the coolest tiles that create a mood.  Pantone 2020 color is classic blue. And don't ask how we knew that a year ago!