It's good that I didn't have to prove all this to the customer. Initially, the director of the European department of the company saw our work through the visualizations prepared for several floors of a building he rented. He liked it and asked to continue in the same spirit, taking on his coworking space.

There were also additional tasks, such as the organization of a coffee point, a big meeting room with soundproof doors, cosy detached workplaces, Skype rooms and booths for negotiations.

There were difficulties too: in one of the rooms entrusted to us, there were no windows and no light penetrating into it at all. Therefore, we tried to equip this area with the Skype rooms and the meeting booths planned by our design studio, adding also the bathrooms and a print center.

In the design process, I wanted not only to solve the functional tasks set by the customer and solidly stylize the office spaces but also to revive them, making it easier for people to work in them! Since there was not enough light in the inner zones of the floors of the business center, I paid special attention to the lighting installation and more.

When it’s not possible to fill the room with full-fledged daylight, then you need to surround the people working in it with color! Therefore, I introduced into the interior a rich grassy color for the velour sofas, soft terracotta chairs and walls and painted some walls as sea waves. In addition to velour, the space is enlivened by copper and brass textures, designer round lamps from the Ukrainian manufacturer PikArt and live plants. It turned out very stylish and not flashy.

Columns are installed in the common area, which is also the hall of the business center. Using the example of the history associated with them, you can understand how our studio operates when options and alternatives are needed. Initially, I planned to decorate the columns with a relief plaster coating, but because the selling price turned out to be high for the customer, I came up with a very original and much simpler solution in the form of a shell, which resembles melted flowing gold.

We geometrically weighed the passage to one of the towers of the business center with chains. It looks very dignified and stylish. Also, everyone who will work and visit the BC lobby will be impressed by the reception, the design of which I worked on personally.