We were invited to design the terrace of the SHEF restaurant so that it should be a continuation of the idea of the main hall, but, at the same time, it should be distinguished by a light festive atmosphere and mobility. The stake here is made on the combination of comfort and service of a good place with the flexibility of hotel event halls, as the restaurant is located in the building of the Favor Park hotel. The hotel regularly hosts various events, including sports and international ones. There was a request for a space that can be easily transformed, depending on the nature and scale of the event. It should be very flexible, and suitable for both a formal banquet and an official reception. 

The entire terrace is a transparent glass structure with the ability to open windows and let nature inwards. There are lakes, the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, and the beautiful territory of the embankment on the opposite side. Nearby there is a well-developed infrastructure for relaxation and sports as one of the largest swimming pools in Ukraine is located in the same building, as well as there are plans for another outdoor pool and summer terrace for recreation.

Our favorite brass is used in the interior. A huge number of orchids of very good quality were brought from the Netherlands and Austria to enhance the sense of unity with nature. At the same time, we can turn off the main lighting and then the flowers are no longer noticeable, and attention is focused on the beautifully illuminated columns. On the floor, we used a large wide-format laminam with like brass inserts, which were fired for us in a special oven. The result is a very beautiful tile with a touch of patina. Sofas are also custom-made. The wooden elements of the chairs are painted in the same shade as the fabric to set deep and soft color accents. The tables were made for us by a factory on special order. On the table surfaces, there is laminam (fairly strong, long-lasting stoneware that does not scratch); and brass inserts are made around the perimeter to match the atmosphere of the terrace, which smoothly and wonderfully turns from a light day into a night of festive scenarios.

Design: Yulia Baydyk, Vitalina Avrinskaya