There was a desire to do everything at the highest level and in a different way in this project, so I decided to venture into a variation of Art Deco. This is a modern interpretation of luxury. The pure classics have long been tiring for everyone and we are also fed up with minimalism. Obviously, the person wants something fresh, new. This is how bright eclectic ideas are born — in search of something unusual at the confluence of established trends.

We tried to create a space equipped with all the conveniences for a free but elegant lifestyle. There is a spacious living room for cocktail parties with friends, separate private areas (two bedrooms, two bathrooms), an office for him, two dressing rooms for her, a fitness room… It contains all the components for a beautiful and comfortable life.

Brass accents are carefully interlaced throughout the interior of the apartment. They are on the frontage of the kitchen, furniture, elements of the decor, dishes, and add refinement and comfort. And the large windows let in a lot of natural light. In the entrance group and the living room, there is a combination of the gloss of brass, wood, and noble stone, black gloss, and saturated deep velvet — this space has become the embodiment of moderate luxury.

The customer really wanted to have a large green sofa. I was delighted because I love working with color. While choosing the right shade, we had to sift through dozens of fabric samples that we fit on for parquet, walls, and light. It was important to follow the dialogue of shades, how they interact with each other, what emotions cause, and how they play at different times of the day. We found it in Italvelluti and it turned out to be very advantageous, because it looks azure-blue in dark lighting, and saturated green — in bright daytime one. We could not find a factory that would satisfy us completely in size and functionality, so we made a sofa on a special order based on our sketches.

We spent a long time looking for a suitable kitchen but no ready-made model was able to create the right mood and emphasize the refinement of the interior, thus we decided to create our own. The base color was black but in two of its variations: soft-touch matte and gloss. This enticing combination of textures and brass profiles on the facades perfectly fit each other. The manufacturer had a hard time but the result is worth it. The kitchen is a delight.

A black corridor with graphite mirrors visually increases the space but only when you get into it. The main goal was to shift the focus from a rather long passage in favor of the living room, so we preferred black.

At the end of the corridor, there is a beautiful panel of Gatsby-style. This visual trigger excites curiosity and submerges space. It has a bold exclamation mark that immediately gets us into the Art Deco theme.

The space for her resembles a sophisticated Parisian apartment. We framed the wall with moldings and added some straight accents thanks to the lamps from the Portuguese factory Castro Lighting, which I purchased from ISaloni. To collect all the necessary elements of tiles for the bathroom, we combined the collections of five factories. I really wanted to create a rhythmic ornament in the spirit of American Art Deco. We were lucky to find a chic sink from the Italian factory Oasis at the exhibition, which became the main element of the large-window bathroom and completed the interior perfectly.

The space for him is made in a more strict restrained style. The men's interior is devoid of bright decor, and the coloristic solution balances between white, dark skin tones behind the headboard and the calm color of sand in the soft panels and facades of the wardrobe.

The interior is contrasting, rich, and at the same time refined and elegant. We tried to create a space that will become the epitome of modern luxury. This particular aesthetic is close to our customers. After all, it worth living grandly here and now!

Designer: Julia Baydyk
Shooting stylist
: Natasha Egorova
Artists: Alexander Bogomaz, TASHA ORO, Olga Fradina, Nikita Vlasov, Roman Minin, Kristina Zakharchuk, Sanya Djant, Anton Popernyak
Partners: Mironova Gallery, Artists Maysterni KIA, AGROMAT