Our team spends a lot of time understanding our customers and studying their wishes. This helps us see the character of a person and foresee life scenarios for using space. We act as psychologists and designers at the same time. As our team delves into the research of the project, they think through every detail. At the same time, we are always very constructive, we do not like noise and tinsel in our work.

Life should be lived in a beautiful, bright and humorous way!
This is our philosophy that drives every project and charges everyone with positive emotions)


The Studio started its activity in 2008, focusing primarily on the quality of work and interior complete sets. Many years of experience in communication with suppliers of materials, furniture and decor allows us to realize the realism of the project, and not just draw beautiful visualizations that would be impossible to implement later.

Project budgeting and understanding a clear financial framework is our main advantage.


The architectural supervision helps to cope with an incredible number of issues that arise during construction and efficiently implement the project. The author’s support includes visits to construction sites and full control of work up to the choice of dishes. We do care what materials will be used, how they will manifest themselves over time, how you will then live in the interior. We will stay there with you until we hang the curtains. Even if the project was completed a long time ago and the final touches come in a year.

As a result, our visualizations and implementations look identical. And you enjoy both the process and the result.

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